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Uniqueness of Our Tours

Rest assured that your personal preferences are taken into consideration when traveling to a new destination with Tours'n Beyond. As natives of the Indian sub-continent, our founders know exactly where to go and what to see based on their extensive travel experiences. Tours'n Beyond ensures your personal travel experiences are comfortable and enjoyable.


Escorted Small Group Tours

    Festival of Lights Tour                             -- Visit the Heritage sites in Delhi, Agra,  Jaipur, Udaipur
                                                                       while immersing yourself in Deepavali, known as the                                                                                    Festival of lights. This is one of the world renowned cultural

   Flavor of South India                               --  Explore Chennai and surrounding historic sites with food,
                                                                       regions' thousands of years old 'Festival of Lights';
                                                                      Also you will experience the nature at its best in Coorg,
                                                                      known for its' coffee

    Yoga Retreat                                                   -- Relax and unwind, body & mind, on a country-side resort in
                                                                       South India

   Harvest Festivities with Yoga                   -- Enjoy the Tamil culture's Harvest festival that takes place over
                                                                       4 days starting with bonfire to get rid of old and to bring in
                                                                       new in to the life; Thank the Sun God for bountiful harvest
                                                                      and cows/bulls for helping the farmers to make their living


Personalized Tours

   Essence of India                                      --  Explore both North and South India to get a glimpse of its
                                                                        heritage, history, culture, nature and modern development

   Vibrant Golden Triangle                          --  Spend a colorful vacation and enjoy the local sights,
                                                                         with exquisite food and classical performing arts in
                                                                         Delhi, Agra & Jaipur

    South India Heritage Tour                          --  Experience south Indian culture at its best during the
                                                                        Navrathiri (9 Days) festival celebrations,  while exploring
                                                                        the history and heritage sites in Tamil Nadu & Karnataka

   Yoga/Ayurveda Retreat                         -- Unwind in a peaceful locale of Southern India

   Backwaters & Beach Retreat                     -- Relax in Kerala backwaters, known as "Venice of India"
                                                                       and other beach resorts in the Southern India

    Nature Adventure                                  -- Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Western Ghats


Escorted Small Group Tours

   East Coast Tour                                  -- Visit the American historical sites, world wonder Niagara Falls
                                                                      magical Walt Disney World & Universal studios     


   Washington D.C. Day Trips                      -- Visit the D.C area museums, historical homes and
                                                                     Luray caverns

   Cruises                                                    -- Explore Alaskan Frontier or West coast cities while having fun
                                                                      aboard a cruise ship with family and friends.
                                                                      Cruise around the Mediterranean visiting the historical
                                                                      European port cities

  Vacation Packages                                    -- Check with us about other vacation packages in exotic
                                                                      destinations such as the Caribbean or Hawaiian islands

For any other personalized tours in India or USA, contact us with your specific request and we will create it for you.