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Tours’n Beyond understands the essentials of a sublime vacation: Profound experiences and divine relaxation. Our individually customized tours take you on a multifaceted journey incorporating cultural, historical, 
architectural and natural aspects in addition to fitness immersion in India and the United States. 

 As a Responsible Tourism company, we support the local community development and nature preservation in our travel regions. 
We invite you to explore our tours.

Uniqueness of our tours

Enjoy the Home country comfort feel even when you travel an unknown place. With the founders living in USA for almost two decades, and also from Indian sub-continent, you will be rest assured with a touring company who understand your personal preferences. 
The memories made and experience gained will be long-lasting,   ...Way Beyond...  your time with us.

Why Tours'n Beyond?

Great Itineraries 

Our planned tours take the hassle out of putting an itinerary together. Using our own extensive travel research and experience, we have created itineraries that not only include major attractions but also take you off the beaten path to immerse in the history, local sights, flora and fauna at your destination.

Value for money

We give you itineraries loaded with tickets to all major attractions, specific local experiences, and the best stays for your money. We also cover costs of all local transportation and some authentic meals.     

Joy of Community         

We understand that traveling on your own, far from familiar territory and experiencing new cultures can be overwhelming. That’s why we firmly believe that the best way to enjoy traveling is in a small group (group size max 16) and in the company of fellow like-minded travelers.  Sharing your stories, memories, and experiences give the best opportunity to make new friends and is always a fun part of the trip experience.

Responsible Tourism

Traveling responsibly is really important to the founders of Tours‘n Beyond. Our Tour managers and guides have in-country experience with local history and culture as well as strong connections with the local community. They can translate cultural sensitivities as well as menus and share with you experience well beyond what you might find on your own with a guide book.  We only partner with trusted and ethical service providers, employ locals and use locally owned lodgings wherever possible.