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    Destination India

Small Group Tour


    North-West India Tour                                                            South-West India Tour
    Oct 17 - Nov 4, 2017                                                             Dec 3 - 19, 2017
    20 Days                                                                                      18 Days
    Max 16 persons                                                            Max 16 persons


    South-East India Tour                                                   North-East India Tour
     Jan 7 - 25, 2018                                                          Feb 9 - 26, 2017 & 2018
    20 Days                                                                        19 Days
    Max 16 persons                                                            Max 16 persons

Personalized India Tours

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Essence of India

Best months to visit: Oct - Mar
Suggested duration : 17 Days

Experience the Essence of both North and South India in a glorious nineteen days journey of discovery. From the grandeur of the Mughal Empire to the vestiges of the British Raj, be dazzled by this mystical tour of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. Marvel at the Dravidian temple architecture in Chennai, Mamallapuram, and Kanchi. Then, revel in the warm tropical climate and lush green landscapes of backwaters & Cochin in Kerala.

Vibrant Golden Triangle
Best months to visit : October to March
Suggested duration : 10 days

Explore the Indian capital city New Delhi, the UNESCO heritage and world man made wonder Taj Mahal & the colorful Pink City Jaipur

South India Heritage Tour - Tamil Nadu & Karnataka   
Best months to visit : October to March
Suggested duration : 12 Days

For those interested in the cultural arts and architecture, this is the tour for you. You can visit the month long Indian classical music & dance programs in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In addition, you can also visit the nearby World Heritage sites, Fort town that stands today as a monument of South Indian kings, and marvel at the Temple Architecture of South India.

Yoga/Ayurveda Retreat - Tamil Nadu or Kerala
Best months to visit: Sept - Feb
Suggested duration - 15 days

Take care and unwind yourself in a peaceful Ayurvedic beach or Coconut grove locale of Kerala or Tamil Nadu in South India.

Backwaters & Beach Retreat - Kerala

Best months to visit: Oct - Feb
Suggested duration - 10 days

Relax in the largest backwaters region of Asia and spend a night on a house boat in Alleppey - Kerala, the "Venice of India".

Nature Adventure - Tamil Nadu or Kerala

Suggested duration - 10 days

For the nature lovers and adventurers, discover this Western Ghats mountain tour. Other themed tours include Indian History, Archaeology, and Yoga Immersion or Ayurvedic Spa treatment may be arranged to suit your purpose of travel.

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