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                                                       Small Group Tour - India

Flavor of South India Tour*                                             
Chennai, Kanchi, Thirupathi (or) Senji**, Mysore & Coorg
Nov 22 - Dec 5, 2015 (14 days)

* This tour can be arranged as personalized tour too.
Suggested travel dates
: Oct 13 - 21, 2015  to witness the Navrathiri
                                    - 9 days of festivities in both Chennai & Mysore

** Either Thirupathi or Senji will be covered.


      Upon your arrival, you will be escorted to your hotel or resort via personal guide and chauffeured vehicle. Once checked into your accommodations, you will be able to unwind and relax before the start of your journey. Throughout your stay, you will be guided around the sites and special events. Our experts will be able to answer any questions you may have about the spectacular regions or cultural activities.  

Tour Highlights

       Chennai - Tamil Nadu
      4 or 5 Nights

  • In Chennai visit Marina beach the 2nd longest beach in the world and the British period buildings.
  • Shop in the city known for its traditional dress and fine jewelry.
  • Enjoy the festival of lights, known as Karthigai Deepam.
  • Weather permitting, take a half day yacht trip off the Bay of Bengal.
  • Dine at the local restaurant, known for its quality vegetarian food
      Day Trips
  • View the incredible 7th century carvings at the shore temple, a UNESCO heritage site, at Mamallapuram
  • Visit Kanchipuram, the city of Thousand Temples,to enthrall in the intricate, vibrant and colorful fabrics woven by the local silk weavers.
  • Trek the Senji fort and learn about the Rajput/Mogul rulers in southern India
  •  OR
    Overnight trip to Thirupathi, world 2nd richest temple, and witness the pilgrims thronging the holy hill temple.
* Optional and seasonal
  • Feast your eyes with a traditional Bharatnatyam or Folk dance dance show
  • See the local festival celebrations and get an insight to the Tamil culture

     Mysore - Karnataka
     3 Nights

      On the 6th day of your vacation, leave Chennai and, reach Mysore city known for its traditional life style, while developing rapidly in this modern world. Check-in to your resort and relax the evening. The next 3 days, you will be
  • Explore the life style of Kings of Mysore at Mysore Palace as well as the famous Brindhavan gardens adjoining the Krishnarajasagar Dam built across the Kaveri river (Ganges of the South India)
     Coorg - Karnataka
      3 Nights

  • Relax in a Coorg coffee estate and enjoy the Western Ghats, a UNESCO natural heritage site.
  •  Explore the wild life and those who like to trek can do the same accompanied with a local guide
     Day Trips
  • Visit the Ganges of the South, river Kaveri's origin

  Optional (for Personalized tour)
For additonal 3 nights, our best suggestion to experience the South Indian
         architecture, near Mysore
  • Visit Belur & Halibid temples, built by the Hoysala Rulers , 10 to 14th century, known for their Art, architecture and religion development in this region
  • Trek on the small hill at Sharavanabelagola, a Jainism religion's pilgrimage site